Kevin's Super GM Application ^_^

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Kevin's Super GM Application ^_^

Post  Kevin on Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:35 am

Name: Kevin

Age: 14

Location: Orlando, FL

Time zone: Eastern Pacific Time GMT 8:00

How long do you play a day: I usually play 2-5 hours a day, but rarely 5, unless im doing something important online. But i guess around 4 hours a day.

What langauges can you speak: I can speak English, some Spanish, a bit Japanese, and i can understand Tagalog easily.

Why do you want to be supergm/gm: I want to be a Super GM because i want to help new players in-game and fix in-game problems. I want this server to become a big and fun server so more people can join.

How long have u been playing on this server: Haven't played yet, I found the AD on youtube, and i was applying, but if i can't be a GM now, ill try to get known by other players and help out if i can.

What can you do: I can probably code and i could definitely help players in-game and fix bugs/glitches in the server.

How can you change our server: I can keep the server's community to be fun and clean. I can ban hackers and prevent roll backs on other player's accounts.

Why do you think you can become GM/SuperGM: I think i can become a GM, if i can become known with the players fist, but I guess i tried making the app to see if i can get the job. But i'd really like to be one with the community first.

Why you want to be a GM/SuperGM: I want to be a SuperGM because i want to help players in-game, ban hackers and people who try to ruin the server, and help fix bugs/glitches in the server. (Answered already)

Other: I can really help the server expand and become a great server so more players can join, I really want to help new players because when i was new to servers, people didn't help me. I want to help players because if no one helps them, they would think that the server's community is horrible and might want to leave the server for good. I want to help players so they know there are people out there to help them and that they can be part of a very nice community.

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Re: Kevin's Super GM Application ^_^

Post  Oldemor999 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:10 am

Thats look very good Very Happy good job ill come back to you.. Laughing


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