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Post  Injection on Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:12 pm



Vancouver, BC

Time zone:
PST (GMT - 8:00)

How long do you play a day:
About 3 hours a day.

What langauges can you speak:
English, French and a little Arabic.

What do you want to be(supergm/gm):
A SuperGm, sir.

How long have u been playing on this server:
I haven't started yet.

What can you do:
I can try and help the new players and keep the old players from getting bored.

How can you change our server:
I can make the server less boring and hacker free.

Why do you think you can become GM/SuperGM:
I think I can become a SuperGm because, I have a good experience on being a Gm (I know the commands and how to be a proper GM).

Why you want to be a GM/SuperGM:
I want to become a SuperGM because, I want to help all the players and keep the server hacker free (just like an anti-virus would).

I like to play WoW and MS.


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