How to make a GM/SuperGM Apply (NEW)

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How to make a GM/SuperGM Apply (NEW) Empty How to make a GM/SuperGM Apply (NEW)

Post  Oldemor999 on Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:15 pm

Now here's some friendly tips, for an application. It's almost like signing up for a job. You do not want to use improper grammar. Repeat, "DO NOT" use improper grammar. It makes your forum application look bad I mean terrible! Do you need to use big words? No, you don't no need to over compensate for small words, it's unessential. Also another reason you don't want to use big words, is because some people do not understand what the word means.




Time zone:

How long do you play a day:

What langauges can you speak:

What do you want to be(supergm/gm:

How long have u been playing on this server:

What can you do:

How can you change our server:

Why do you think you can become GM/SuperGM:

Why you want to be a GM/SuperGM:



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